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*European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) in 1998

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*Professional Nurse February 1991 - A policy that protects - The Waterlow pressure sore prevention/treatment policy.

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*Paediatric Nursing July 1997 Vol 9 No.6 - Pressure sore risk assessment in Children - a multi-centred study involving 300 children looking at the possibility of developing a risk assessment tool similar to the adult Waterlow card.

*Paediatric Nursing May 1998 Vol 10 No.4- Pressure sores in children: Risk assessment - the need for risk assessment and documentation is discussed.

*Nursing Times February 18 1998 Vol 94 No.7 - the history and use of the Waterlow card - explanation of the background and the development of the Waterlow Card and outlines its current use in all areas of care.

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*Nursing Times 2005 Vol 101 No 11 - Identifying the characteristics of children with pressure ulcers.


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