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Prevention is better, cheaper and causes the patient far less pain and distress than treatment.

Pressure Ulcers: Treatment

The most important factor is to try and
prevent them from occurring in the first place. Most Health care settings now have strict guidelines aimed at preventing pressure ulcers from developing.

If a pressure ulcer has developed special equipment (for example, an alternating pressure mattress or cushion) or wound dressing will be required. Don't forget that lying in bed spreads the load (except for heels)

Do not rub the affected area as this may cause further
tissue damage. Inflatable and material ring-shaped cushions should never be used as they may further restrict the supply of oxygen to the affected area.

If the sore has become infected, further treatment by a Nurse or Doctor may be required. This will be specific to the grade, type and location of the ulcer and may be accompanied by irrigation of the wound with a salt-water wash.

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