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Pressure Ulcers: Prevention

Some groups of people are at greater risk from pressure ulcers than others.

Immobility for any reason contributes to the risk of pressure sore, therefore the elderly, wheelchair users and patients who are bed-ridden are most at risk.

People living with
incontinence especially women may also develop pressure ulcers, as prolonged exposure to moisture can cause breakdown of skin tissue.

Many o
ther conditions such as diabetes and arterial disease can also increase the risk of pressure ulcers as the supply of blood and oxygen to body tissue may be restricted.

In order to prevent pressure ulcers developing, it is important that those who are immobile have pressure relieved frequently either by manual turning or sophisticated bed systems. However even if a patient is lying on a bed system risk areas still require regular inspection.

This may need to be more frequent if sitting. A healthy balanced diet and plenty of fluids will also help the condition of the skin.
Those at higher risk of pressure ulcers, such as the elderly and those with existing medical conditions should keep as active and mobile as possible, taking some form of exercise every day.

It is advisable to take part in exercise that uses a range of motions.

Also important is keeping the skin clean and dry, and checking that bed linen is free from wrinkles.

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